Jovan Milošević of electrotechniques, IT expert, manager.
Focused on efficient usage of technologies as a mean for intellectual and social development.
Contributes the cultural communications development and development of education as a platform for moral and material improvement.

Jovan Milošević is a member of Jovan Ristić’s family.

Aleksandar Leka Mladenović

Regular professor at the Faculty of fine arts, painter and graphicist.
Member of Association of Fine Artists of Serbia since 1992, held 42 independent exhibitions and participated in approximately 400 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.
Received numerous national and international recognitions for artistic graphics.

Srđan Ninković

A professional with more than 25 years of work experience in the financial sector during which he has held various responsible management roles.

He gained international work experience while working in the demanding and highly competitive market of Japan, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the local and regional market. Founder and owner or co-owner of companies operating in various business sectors.

He received his education at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Business Economics and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, together with numerous additional trainings in the field of management.