Jovan Ristić (1831-1899)

Date of birth January 16th 1831.

Place of birth – Kragujevac, the Principality of Serbia

Year 1852

Ristić’s incredible success in elementary school convinced a family friend to send Jovan to Belgrade to continue High School. Jovan graduated Belgrade Licej.

Year 1849

In 1849 Ristić goes to study in Berlin.

Doctor of philosophy calling, he received in Hidelberd. Later, he continued studies in prestigious Parisian Sorbona.

Year 1854

Ilija Garašanin

In 1854, Ristić became politician: he began to work at the Ministry of foreign affairs which was governed by influential political leader Ilija Garašanin.

Jovan Marries Sofia, the daughter of the most fortunate Belgrade merchant, Hadži-Toma.

Milan Obrenović

Colonel Milivoje Blaznavac, with the assistance of Belgrade troops, brings to the throne the Prince Milan from Paris, at the age of 14.

Year 1868

Jovan Ristić, Milivoje Blaznavac and Jovan Gavrilović, regent council of minor Prince Milan Obrenović.

Year 1869

Passing of Regency Constitution writen by Jovan Ristić.

Year 1878

Jovan Ristić leaves for Berlin congress as Prince Milan ’s envoy.

Date of death September 4th 1899.


Јован Ристић (1831-1899)