Jelena M. Jovanović is the last descendant of Jovan Ristić, Serbia’s famous academic and politician of the 19th century. Born in 1933, exactly 100 years after famous ancestor, Jelena devoted her life to preserving the memory of Jovan Ristićs life and work.

She spent her childhood in the family home in Dedinje, Belgrade’s neighborhood, together with her beloved sister Stanislava. She graduated Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade, Department of Art History, as one of the first graduates after the war. Soon after, she became the secretary of management of Television Belgrade, today known as RTS where she spent her entire career. She was married.  

During thepast decades, she assisted may cultural, artistic and science institutions in Serbia, as well as many projects for the purpose of preserving the legacy of Jovan and Marko Ristić. In 2018, she founded the Foundation, hoping that her great-grandfatherćs name would not be forgotten.