Јелена М. Јовановић

(Belgrade, July 8, 1933 – September 15, 2019)

After a short-term illness, Mrs. Jelena M. Jovanović passed away in Belgrade on Sunday, September 15, 2019. Jovanović was the last living descendant of the diplomat Jovan Ristić (1831-1899), the founder of the Jovan Ristić Foundation, secretary of direction at Television Belgrade (1969-1988) and a donor to a large number of cultural institutions in Belgrade.

Jelena Jovanović passed away at the family home in Dedinje, and spent the last days of her life in the bed where her famous ancestor slept.

She died in her sleep, quietly, just as she had lived up to the last moment, advocating that her family’s heritage embodied in the legacy of the work of Jovan Ristić must not be forgotten in the Serbian public.

Jelena Jovanović graduated History of arts at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and from 1969 to 1988 worked at Television Belgrade on numerous projects of cultural and artistic programs. After her retirement, she devoted herself to preserving the work and personality of Jovan Ristić and donated several cultural institutions of our country with legacies from the family heritage. All in order not to forget the name of Jovan Ristić. (Belgrade, 08.07.1933 – 15. 09. 2019).

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